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TCL's Contribution

TCL is more than a cute face, shoddy profile view and a choppy audio issue -- she is beautiful technology for a very attainable price.

It's important to know who's doing what in the great game of technology. We are all spending more time indoors due to public fraternizing restrictions imposed by Covid19, so one of the surging technologies that we want to take a look today is television. We know that you are watching a lot of it because app subscriptions are through the roof. But what does the view really look like?

Our in-house Gadget Engineer, DC took on the challenge of locating reasonably priced, high tech assembled viewing tubes. In his effort to give newer brands an honest go, he purchased a TCL 65" television for the green room that he bought at Costco. He noted that while the "head on view" (standing directly in front of the television) revealed outstanding color and vividness, he noticed that when he stood to the side of the TV broadcast was completely washed out of color; a degraded view. He bought it anyway. Why - you might ask? He felt 'since the green room chairs are positioned directly facing the viewing monitor that all will be well for the purposes intended. Lastly and equally as important - he assured me that "no seats will ever be placed too the far right or left of TCL technology."

After a hosting a few short film viewings and receiving oodles of compliments on the TCL television, our purchasing engineer went out and bought us another one for the guest house (55"). No sooner than he installed it into the wall, the green room television started showing signs of having an audio issue. The audio (regardless of channel or app being used) was subject to choppy convey. You can imagine our horror. In all fairness we had the green room television for about a year and a half before the sound started chopping up. While researching what to do about the issue, the new television started to do the same. A quick Google researched led us to forums on the known issue. But after reading old post after old post of tricks and fixes, we tried a few that didn't work and decided that we would return the television to Costco. DedricCharlz called the Costco Concierge and they revealed their knowledge of the choppy audio issue and added it is a common consumer complaint. They then walked him through the process of resetting the audio on a TCL television. The reset worked like a charm. If you have a TCL and the audio is doing something funky, here's HOW TO reset it:

Our score for TCL Television technology on a scale from 1-10 (10 being MOST EXCELLENT) would be a 7. It's a good view for a great price + there's a manual fix for the audio bug. TCL is not nearly as pricey as more well known television manufacturers like SAMSUNG which is a conversation that we must have on another day real soon. We just purchased a 55" Curved UHD TV and the side viewing profile has mad clarity. Aw techy-techy, (my cheeky response to chique innovation).

Surging technologies that are anchored in the multimedia business is our business. Whether it is good affordable technology or great technology that's a bit pricey - we would like to know about it. If each one teaches one it's possible that by the end of the day we could all be honing some pretty rad gadgets and technologies.

How are you viewing your favorite series and films? Monday is a great day to surge about it.

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