THAT'S ON ME - Lil Ronny MothaF--

"I'm a big dog, you're a poodle. If you don't f--- with me, I don't f--- with you. You got to know that the feeling is mutual." -- Lil Ronny MothaF-----

Ah. The quotes of the greats probably never included the one firmly posted under the headlining image. The words and the T-Shirt image belong to Lil Ronny MothaF-----. The quote is part of his tailored verse in Yella Beezy's THAT'S ON ME [Dallas Remix]. Check it out:

Please find Lil Ronny MothaF----- @ 2:04 into the video. He's an eye full and his lyrics yield big visuals. Listen closely and feel free to read along. I'm happy to transcribe:


"I'm a big dog - you a poodle. If you don't f--- with me, I don't f--- with you; you got to know that the feeling is mutual.

I'm a be rich as a bit-- and I seen it. I dreamed about like my name's Martin Luther. You know me - I stay with them bands like a tuba, you ninja''s be working with 12 like a ruler.

I'm a real ninja; don't need no approval. Baby sleeping on me; yeah they be snoozing.

Your bit---- leg's on my shoulders like a bazooka. I f--- her good, then I send her an Uber.

I know he mad 'cause his bit-- is a groupie. Telling everybody how "we gone do me."

I see your attributes and you ain't no shooter. You only gangster when you use a computer.

Middle of the Summer; colder than me? Bit-- I'm the G.O.A.T. 'Give a f--- what you think.

Free all my ninja's that's stuck in the pen! 'They up in the motherf----- like some ink.

I'm in your throat like some mothaf------ drink. If it's bout cash, Lil Baby can link. Other than that I don't want to speak. All of this dripping -- I'm just like a sink."

I'm an avid music connoisseur and I'm from the South, so it's no surprise that I have Yella Beezy's jams in my mouth (my playlist). Originally from the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex), I keep THAT'S ON ME in rotation.

"Life is what you make it. Make a verse and jam to it.

Life is what you make it. Make a plan. Execute it."

-- Qui

Yella Beezy is quite the producer and this won't be the last time I examine this video, for there are several other rappers making cameo's that I am eager to get to know; literally.

Lyrically, few can touch Lil Ronny MothaF----. He hits the high score in rhyming metaphors with direct and relatable lines. Need proof? Read his verse and pay attention to the words that are in bold. The use of the word "like" is how this lyrical painter masters his composition and the potential depth of his metaphors are even stronger.

We call that "Hard Hitting Bar Spitting"at The Hitchin' Post

and Lil Ronny is recognized for doing the most.

For the act of studying and transcribing lyrics so that you can (do both) read and hear it,

I'm Qui

and THAT'S ON ME, baby.

Jam @2:04 immediately