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Tasha secures the morning-after-pill for an inmate who she’s trying to buddy-up-with in lockdown. Monet calls Lorenzo about GTG broadcasting the dope game on social media. Lorenzo instructs Dru to handle it. Dru is the 2nd child of Monet’s 3 children: Cane is the muscle and the oldest, Dru is the middle child, pretty in the face (like his mom), and prefers same-sex hook-ups,

and the youngest child of Monet and Lorenzo is Diana. Diana is beautiful and has boss DNA in her veins that we have yet to fully exploit.

Cane is a tad bit upset that he doesn’t fit the “ivy league stereotype” needed to address GTG, so Monet sends him to stake out the meeting to look after Dru. As the temperature turns up in the GTG spot, Dru reaches in his waistband for his gun and Cane shows up. Dru is shocked at the sight of and after a few foul words and a letting off 3-rounds in the ceiling, the meeting with Danilo Ramirez, (GTG brother) was over. The message that Monet wanted to convey was delivered, but it came with a lingering side of sibling discord.

With Cane expecting to be the man of the house during his father’s stint in prison means exceeding expectations is everything. He is by far the stronger muscle of the two young men, though it's rarely up to musculoskeletal to secure the survival of a prohibited business; this is a job for the strength of the right and left lobes of intelligence; Dru's capacity.

Monet bosses like a Director who expects every cast member to play their part to the “t.” Like she said in episode 2: “I hate problems.” Fortunately for the viewing audience, the POWER franchise is all about problematic expose so we can expect to see Monet’s hand often. With Tasha on lockdown, it’s only fair to assume the lions-share of respect in the game belongs to her. Still, there’s the matter of the Ghost that is looming over everything. Besides the capacity of Cane, I’m betting on the power of Tasha's baby, Tariq.

What do you think?

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