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Episode 1: STRANGERS.

There are a lot of new faces as we enter back onto the ramp of TRUTH where Ghost lost his life. We are back in New York with Tariq, Tasha, university-life, and a new mob family headed up by Monet, (played by Mary J. Blige). Tasha is in jail awaiting a murder trial – she is the prime suspect in Ghost’s murder at Club Truth. Life Is a chess game and moves have consequences. Davis Maclean is Tasha’s lawyer and played by Method Man. He’s composing her legal introduction to the court while Tariq explores more options of exploit beyond pushing weight to create streams of revenue to afford his mother’s legal defense team.

His collegiate counselor is an intellectually astute beauty, and possibly sex nymph whose name is Carrie. More than her eyes and her mind are wide open to her fellow staffer, Jabari.

The script indicates that Tariq is ghosting in the career that his father once honed. The gangster life is real and Jamie’s teen spirit is Tariq. It’s clear to see that this series plays out a lot like Star Wars was presented to us in the way that they went back to tell the beginning origins of the story decades after its blockbuster legacy. Well, Power Book is too strong to wait for water-to-rise under the bridge, so the power struggle is back, and mayhem can’t imitate legal, without D.A. Saxe.

In the POWER series franchise Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick lost his life, but the Truth of it screams “art imitations are cold is ice,” and that a new love-triangle is on the rise.

Even in Jamie's absence, the Ghost is real.

The song that played at Jamie's funeral.

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