The Book Of POWER on The Gift of The Magi

Be mindful of Focus-Pocus; the study of cloak deception.

Episode 5 - GIFT OF THE MAGI

Are you familiar with the legacy 'gift of the magi' story? I was not before episode 5. explains the moral of the story to be "selflessness and love are the greatest gifts of all." The message is one of humanity, but is that what episode 5 of The Power Book II - Ghost revealed?

The mid-season premiere debuts tonight, so let's look back at the last time we hung out with Tariq, Monet, Davis Maclean, and Tasha and recall the power that was in progress...

Dreams can be a gift and a curse - we begin episode 5 with Tasha dreaming of celebrating Tariq's 18th birthday at home with her mother and Jazmin when someone knocks on the door -- it's Raina. There is a range of emotions that run through Tasha at that moment, but none of them are magic nor do they deliver her from the nightmare that she is actually in prison and that Raina and Ghost are dead.

US Attorney Saxe shows up at Tameka's home to beg her to ignore the subpoena issued by Maclean. But if you know Tameka, then you know that Saxe's conversation isn't magic and that his request didn't fly.

"Any thot can give a man some pussy," says Monet to Diana before Officer Ramirez came calling unannounced. The point that Monet was making to Diana played out as textbook when Monet stood behind the barred screen door and refuted Ramirez's attempt to visit without calling or asking first. Monet is transactional, and Diana is learning the power of the game.

Cane delivers Tariq to Monet in time to see Ramirez leaving their home. Tariq spills no beans when Monet asks him about the subject of Dru's art-sketching capacity. Tariq declined to comment, touting that he's too busy with Zeke's work to keep tabs on Dru.

Later on, during a phone call between Tasha and Tariq we see that each one is like the other and is taking the lead on their co-story narrative. The only problem is their narratives are not on one accord and will present an opening for Tameka to wreck Tasha's cover story. Tariq responds by saying, "Do you want me to take her out?" Tasha concludes "No way. You made a decision, and now I'm making a decision. I'll just tell Davis to pull the subpoena. You call no more shots from here on out. Okay? I got us, now." Her subsequent meeting with Maclean proves Tasha has very little power at all. Maclean says "Tameka is taking the stand."

Monet pow-wow's with Diana again to lay out the issue that Tariq's loyalty to Dru will pose a problem between him and his brother Cane; as in it could interfere with their moving product or make it difficult to cut Tariq out of the business equation. Monet advises Diana to use her feminine wilds to get more info on Tariq and reminds her to "not get caught up."

Diana shows up at Tariq's surprise party that his roommate threw for him. Dru is also in the house and locates his art inspiration and approaches him with a hug. His art-inspiration is on the down-low and gave Dru the shaft -- however unwanted, this time. Tariq chat's it up with Lauren until he passes out; Saxe's niece, Rilley inadvertently drugged him. The spiked cup was that Tariq had was meant for Weston, but he passed it on to Tariq unbeknownst the contents.

Professor Carrie Milgram escalated her walk of shame from Professor Jabari's clutches to Zeke's immature hands. The ball of integrity is out of bounds and Professor Milgram is no longer in a position to judge Professor Jabari or his student-sexual exploits. While this is true, Professor Jabari is still in first-place to the bottom as he rips Tariq's words directly from his essay to publish them in his new book, as his own words. Plagiarism kills careers and a myriad of potential.

After comprehending episode 5, I realized new levels of appreciation for the writers. I love the way that they expounded the morale of "The Gift of The Magi" throughout the script.

At the end of the day, the writers have the power and they have penned episode 5 to leave us at the point of Tariq selling "the game (that he is involved in with the Tejeda's)" to Weston. Diana not only reports back to Monet on Tariq, but she brings his gun with her. Monet deems the move unwise and gifts Tariq with a new one; she orders Cane to relinquish his gun to the birthday boy. Monet creates tensions for selfless reasons. I wonder if she knows the tale of the Magi?

The power is with STARZ tonight

With drugs, sex, and danger powering the people's will,

Episode 6 is titled: GOOD vs. EVIL