The Prince isn’t Zeke and Monet is not a young man.

Me? I’m a writer and POWER franchise fan.

Let’s go through episode 4’s hour

and identify The Prince with the Power.

Episode 4 - THE PRINCE

The new tutoring app by St. Patrick and Weston is in play. Students on Stansfield Campus are buying into “higher-higher education,” and Tasha Green’s money-laundering genes are officially passed down to Tariq as he heads into a meeting with Mr. Stern.

Ghost’s former business partner in TRTUTH was Mr. Stern; he is newly married and sends his spouse to meet with Tariq. The new groom's name is Sebastian "Bash" Kamal-Stern and he is a Prince in his own right. There is a saying, “You’re only as young as your youngest leg," i.e., team member, so in essence, both Ghost and Stern are reincarnated. Both men are of college age, business-minded, and personal wealth. Tariq pitches the tutor app. campaign, and Bash plays ball. The game is officially financed. Bash agrees to 5% off of the top.

Later Tariq needs money wired to Maclean (instead of cash payments) and Bash agrees to do so and renegotiates his cut as 15%.

Queen Tasha calls Tariq and suggests he arm himself and recommends an old drop-spot of Tommy and Ghosts,’ as the place where he might find one. He finds it.

In Canonical Studies, Professor Simmons announces the course application start date. The recipient will win free tuition, residency in Washington, DC for an internship that will stand as course credit and yield the student an option to graduate early.

Lauren approaches Professor Jabari for side-notes on the fellowship program and makes a dinner date with him at her parent's home. Professor Jabari suggests that Lauren include Professor Milgram and Tariq – “for optics.”

Monet and Cain meet with the GTG Boys to suggest calm on social media. The eldest family member of the GTG Boys calls Monet a “puta,” and Cain beat the brakes off him. Cain is the Prince of hands; bop-bop-bop and Queen Monet does not play with “pendejo’s.”

Meanwhile back on the Stansfield campus, Weston freaks out about confronting Scott; the campus narcotics dealer. Rumor on campus is that Scott is aware that someone else is selling on his campus-block and he is ISO. Tariq assures Weston that “Scott isn't gone do anything to him,” and reminds his roommate that they have bigger plans to execute than Scott, like getting the tutorial app off the ground. Word spreads Covid19 at Stansfield.

Tariq pays Maclean in cash because cash is king. Maclean's assistant, Paula does not like it. She questions Maclean about Tariq’s financial sources. He reminds her that “We don’t need to know Paula. It’s not our job to care.” Then he taps the stack against the surface of his desk and then puts it up to his ear, (like a telephone) and says, “Ah. Who?” He motions the stack towards Paula and says, “It’s for you.” Afterward, Maclean pivots to telling the judge how Saxe “threatened Tasha and her children with prosecution if they didn’t offer evidence against St. Patrick. They didn’t, your honor and here we are.” This was done, per Tariq’s instruction, and is the reason Tariq is paying Maclean so many stacks.

Queen Monet announces Tariq as their new business partner and Cain pushes back. Cain call’s Tariq “a bougie motherfu#@r,” but it doesn't stop Monet's think-tanks with the fam; she assigns family roles during the process. It’s clear that she thinks that Dru is smarter than Cain. She was indicating that there are two princes in one house, but the literal notion was lost on Cain. Diane asserts her assessment regarding Tariq and states her capability. Monet concludes delegation and instructs Caine to "stay in his lane."

DA Saxe has no children to bequeath to, so his niece is in the slot and effectively sleeping with Tariq’s roommate, Weston. She is the fly-on-the-wall for 'all things St. Patrick at Stansfield.' Her sleuth methods are basic but her phone video evidence is relative.

Congressman Tate is certainly is no Prince. He finds himself back under the spotlight of the law and being questioned on the ill-deeds of James St. Patrick. He abides to testify and uses the positioning power of his words to slide out of the clutches of John Mak and Steven Ott.

Dru was tied up with an art class student when Diana arrived on campus to deliver supply to Tariq; they kissed. Diana’s actions seal the advice Monet laced her with, but Tariq didn’t take as big of a bite as she had hoped. Shortly after the kiss, Lauren showed up and Tariq exited the scene with her. Prince’s have options.

The Fellowship Inquiry dinner at Lauren’s served up more than a 4-course meal, and a kiss with Tariq, shortly before her boyfriend, Malcolm dropped in unannounced. Tariq was enlightened by his pop-up, but not surprised. After all, there is his side-interest in Diana Tejeda. Professor Jabari and Milgram exchange barbs over dinner and in front of Lauren’s parents but conclude the night embroiled in nymphomaniac proportions. Across town, Maclean and Paula were doing much of the same. It is in Paula’s bedroom that we learn Maclean is married (to Marilyn); Paula reminds him to put his wedding ring back on after their romp. #HotStuff It appears there are no secrets here and that Maclean is indeed brandishing king-like benefits. After fastening his pants, he subpoenas Tameka, because he has the power too, but still, he is no prince.

Stansfield campus' leading RX distributor is kicked off of campus (in the name of the university’s library and aquatics center), "for punching a Weston." This action effectively clears the way for Tariq and Weston’s new tutoring-app venture and Tasha’s legal fund.

As regal as this episode is composed, there will only be one prince in the end. Who are you placing your bet on? Who's got the POWER?

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