The CDC and Me

This morning I was scheduled to receive the J&J vaccination at 5:50 am. The moment I arrived at the event (4:45 am) I hear an announcement on my favorite satellite radio station that 'The US is putting the Johnson & Johnson Vaccination On HOLD. I began to dialogue with God in my heart about what I had just heard when I felt the need to dialogue aloud for the inclusion of my shotgun partner who was also scheduled for the same said vaccination.

The request to God was simple, I said, "Father God, I am voicing this request aloud, so that my guest can witness, 'if this vaccination is not for me, please let it be removed and not given to me. Period." -- And yes, I said, "period," to God. He's up on all of the lingo. My transit guest heard it all and continued to browse on his phone like nothing unusual was spoken there. I have the coolest friends.

We are 3 cars from being served and each car in front of us is being vaccinated by a Corp of Military personnel. I am now at the head of the line and the time is 5:59 am and a soldier approaches my window and registers me as being in line to receive a J&J vaccination. I give her my I.D. and she left to retrieve the syringe. On her way back to my vehicle she is stopped by a senior soldier who takes my information and approaches my car. I am the first person they paused at because the CDC communicated to them that there is a blood clot issue associated with the vaccination that I was about to receive. I smiled and thanked the senior soldier who then unprocessed me and put my name on the list to be "rescheduled."

Q: So, God was listening and came through?

A: Yes, He was and yes, He did.

I appreciate the quick passage of information and how it was not missed on me; I am a beneficiary of the CDC's efficient network of support.

While I have yet to be vaccinated, I am not in a rush. I have it on good authority (and intuition) that I will be vaccinated when the time and the formula are right.

In the meantime, I am proud of the efforts that the United States is putting into caring for its citizens; it's a great investment. Viva La USA!!! The CDC is on its Game-A.