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The Creative Contents of The Guillotine Basket

Where all of the cancelled shows go.

We previously talked about What Television has APP'ly become, but we never really talked about what streaming app content is composed of: a litany of shows that have been cancelled from piloting concepts to hard hitting successful series that have run their (multi season) course and died of natural causes (as in "that's long enough").

So, I was rummaging through the g-basket the other day, via Netflix, Amazon, and the likes, and came across V WARS. Have you seen it?

The ingredients of V WAR's story simmer around Luther and Michael and their relationship before the virus, after infection and their fight to live and trust again. But to trust whom? They both seem interested in trusting each other but their biological compositions have created distance between them. Michael contracted the V while accompanying his friend Luther on logistical run. Luther is a biologist and had his logistic's director Michael deliver him by chopper to a lab in a frozen tundra. They never locate the scientist that they came to speak with but they did notice several bio hazard bags on the floor unsealed; indicating microbial disease in the air. Their DNA responded differently to the microbes introduced to their nervous systems. Dr. Luther became immediately sick and nauseated while Michael was barely symptomatic; visually. Internally Mike's DNA composition was on the evolve. But into what? The virus had a life of its own, but the series lost its head.

What fails have-to-be woven into (the foundation of) a series for it to loose its head after only one season? I don't know, but the cast of AMBITIONS felt it. Debuted in 2019 the cast was solid and the storyline was strong:

There was sex, mayhem, murders within family, friends and traders. This series has all of the fixin's that you'd experience in an upscale and elite 5-star whose kitchen contents thickly consist of delicious deceit, jealousy, reality, and receipts. You have to use your imagination to get the gist of what I mean. You really do, because after one phenomenal season of the OWN created, Starz broadcasted salacious soap opera starring Robin Givens, Brian White and Essence Atkins the production lost its head, but does it belong in this basket so soon?

What is the guillotine basket really for? Is it for the stream of "new" content or for a batch of "man, look what you missed and it was good," content? Actually, streaming apps exist for both. Nobody said all of the content therein would be a long love affair nor did they term their contents, "the guillotine basket." The guillotine basket has some awesome content and now I'm curious if any of it can be defibrillated? Is there any chance of new life for V WARS or AMBITIONS? If there is, we should hurry before the cast members age. The COVID era is wreaking havoc on hair roots, diets, and esthetician upkeep.

Heads roll when content is stale, therefore in addition to streaming providers serving their own original film content, they have also developed a healthy line of in-house prime time and day time series content. It's admirable. I catch on to concept and character easy and would like to lay my feelings out n the table right now and say, "please don't take WARRIOR NUN or HANNA away from us." Please, pretty please. These two series are legacy heads in an ever changing society and they would make for better societal use via multiple seasons in stream instead of inside the basket of the guillotine.

The beginning of 2020 ushered me into the world of app's when I withdrew from my satellite contracts and cut my entertainment utility bill by 2/3's and I have not regretted one day of it. Saving on my utility bills helps me to keep my head, or at the very least to keep it above water. And isn't that what we all want; to stay above water? Here's the big question for streaming: Can life be restored to a series that is in the guillotine basket, o' streaming providers? Something tells me that fans and unemployed writers would really like to know.

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