The KENAN Show

Uh-Oh! Our funny-man Kenan of Kenan & Kel has his own show. May the laughter go to and fro...

"Welcome to GOOD BURGER; home of the good burger. May I take your order?"

Not another burger joint, but another Kenan talented joint, for sure. Kenan Thompson traded in Nick at Night for Saturday Night Live and renewed an entire community's interest in the show. His consistent labor has earned him the sweetheart spot in the world of new series. Word is, THE KENAN SHOW is in production, yo! And boy are we a society hungry for a smile.

Saturday Night Live is the broadest route of the comedian greats like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. Speaking of greats, Chris Rock is slated to be the Director of the new series as well. It makes sense; the funny direct the funny. Right? I hope so because Chris Rock's capacity is phenomenal. He capacitates funny, serious, and sinister (FARGO Season 4) in a series of breaths; like it's nothing, or at the very least autonomous. slates the new sitcom as a Comedy at a time when we could all use it. Covid19 has forced many of us to stay indoors, away from the gym, and delivered us to consuming many burgers; good, bad, and even some that were made in a plant-based lab. It's good to know laughter is next on the menu. Excitement is brimming over for a fun way to burn calories; the environment is perfect for Kenan.

The shows concept premise according to is:

"A recently-widowed dad tries to raise his kids with his persistent father-in-law."

Hm. The premise sounds serious and is a relative starting point to build comedy on. Were you aware that the flip side of comedy is a tragedy? Just as the opposite of cry is to laugh.

So it's no wonder to me that the baseline of a comedy show would be a tragedy. My grandmother used to say, "We laugh to keep from crying." Based on my grandma, (and for the record, she never lied to me), The Kenan Show is necessary.

As Covid19 continues to be a bridge that is crossing over thousands-upon-thousands of Americans and millions of our neighbors around the world, it is good that we have not lost our sense of purpose, humor. or the way to turn things around, starting with our perception. Bereavement is real, still, we all have to heal. Let's do it with a former Nick at Night burger-flipper with a contagious smile.

Photo by: Television Promos