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I'm no insider to The OUTSIDER but

Heck yeah! I like it. S.K. serves excitement..

I haven’t read the book, tho I think I will for the first 3 episodes of THE OUTSIDER has dimensional appeal.

Jason Bateman is the Executive Producer who took Stephen’s book and became a juicer.

Now I don’t know where the series script is going, but I am pretty sure that the writers hand isn’t showing.

Reality is thin ice, but most people skate on it their whole lives and never fall through until the very end. We did fall through, but we helped each other out.[The Outsider]

I watched carefully and intently across three episodes. What I found was circumstance and supernatural whoa.

THE OUTSIDER is nothing like Sam and Dean’s SUPERNATURAL adventure. It’s a fresh spin on family & friends with an untimely indenture.

Not to mention an alleged child killer — who isn’t the killer at all. He attempted to hurl his innocence, and met a fatal fall.

The Outsider is duplicitous.

Yes-yes y’all. Folks are vanishing like flies in this macabre. Coach Terry’s world is on a cliff hurl; a spirit impersonates him on camera.

Yep. No human  being can be in two places at one time. Though this is THE OUTSIDER’s modus operandi vine.

Stephen King! Stephen King! Where hast thou mind been? Perhaps at home alone, justifying not hanging with friends.

I’m sure that Stephen King is a fairly like-able dude but I’m also thinking he’s alone when he sits and scripts such juice.

I, too, am a writer and with full reflective intent who bridges-not scripts of friends’ lives being spent.

I’m not a horror kid, but I am indeed well read, and there’s something to be said about a writers head:

It has no limits. Creativity is solid; not a gimmick.

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