The Price of Wendy, Taylor and Lauren is BILLIONS

Each character's storyline is connective & smart. I take good character composition to heart.

BILLIONS CREATORS: David Levien, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Brian Koppleman

When I think: Wendy, Taylor and Lauren -- a line is firmly drawn implying talent of this magnitude has to be a J.D. Power thing. The Billions series is loosely based off of the truths of hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen of S.A.C. Capital Advisors and his battles with former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. That little fact yields strength to the saying "life is stranger than fiction." Without real life inspiration, where would entertainment television be?

Episode after episode Billions distributes the weight of mastery talent via script composition across all storylines resulting in smooth, creamy and rich displays of character's who embody higher intellects and reap bigger checks; many whom also harbor deep, dark, salacious secrets waiting to rise like the stock market. However sharp the spikes, the low's that follow usually have supportive and sustaining bounce-back potential. Who's not into that?

In the case of Wendy, we are in season 5 and she is divorced from Chuck Rhoades, has substantial financial fortune, (thanks to a 6-figure gift from Axe, in season 4), co-custody of the children, enjoys new romp quests and is emotionally stealth in the face of meeting Catherine Brandt, Chuck's new lover, (portrayed by Julianne Margolis) while standing at the hospitalized bedside of Senior (Charles Rhoades) during a kidney failure issue. Wendy isn't living large, but still working behind the scenes and leading the charge of "team building." Her storyline in season 5 is pretty live as she masks alliances with Taylor and Lauren who, themselves are always masked.

In the case of Taylor, season 5 manifests her corporate aspirations, but not without upheaval trials. Taylor and her firm collaborate with Axe Capital for a campaign to reign the markets and to favor AC. The trade off for strengthening her former boss, former nemesis' firm with he intellectual capacity of her and her employees is the gift of peace and allows Taylor the time and resources to get back into the financial game to niche a prosperous corner for her and her crew. Vision & strategy are important to Taylor; so is Lauren.

Lauren (played by Jade Ashete) was a newcomer in season 4, but not anymore. Her eyes are sparkling beautiful but her financial vision is sexier. Lauren is Taylor's right hand woman and her subtle love interest. Subtle is an interesting word to use to describe a coupling, but the Billions writers have not made Taylor and Lauren an absolute item. The two sleep together and create sparks, sure, but compared to the blazes of fire that they produce in the work place - the intimate scenes (at least for me) are a close second. From the moment Lauren hit the scene, strategy and intimate secrets have become darker and sweeter. I think the viewers like it, so the writers are prolonging the marination of this girl-on-girl "P-Display;" P stands for power.

Character intention and objections seems simple enough, but there is nothing simple about dabbling in BILLIONS. You saw how things went down on that elevator with Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange; a billion dollars is complicated...

@ 1:57

Bey understands billions, I watch the series because I yearn to know more about those 9 zeros.

The cast players of this SHOWTIME child are more in number than could ever fit inside of one elevator comfortably. Do you know them? With only 5 episodes left in season 5's cue, this is a great time to see the face value of each asset composing the series BILLIONS:

Opportunity is staring us in the face with 3 more zeros than a millionaire has on hand. And you know what Wendy Rhoades says about opportunity?

#OpportunityGrowth is necessary. The value of creation, script, pitch-perfect casting, and entertaining financial education is priceless. Thanks for the composition: David Levien, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Brian Koppleman. We are richer in terminology and equipped to prospect better because of your creative scripting capacity. Your value on the minds of women is on display as well. Your mother's should be proud. I certainly am.