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SNOWPIERCER - Series Review

Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, this series centers on the remaining people, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe.

Snowpiercer is an apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fictional series focusing on what the world could look like if our environmental conditions continue on the trajectory that we are currently on. I'm a big believer in COURSE CORRECTION, but that is a conversation for another train ride. Snowpiercer reminds me of The Titanic, though not in the sense that I think it is going to tank (in fact, I'm thinking the opposite). It is a clear depiction of humans remaining unchanged, generation after generation as it pertains to "classification regarding status quo."

Making another revolution around the outer rim of a the Earth's equator, the Snowpiercer has no plans to stop at any station on its route. By all meteorological appearances, it isn't safe to live on the surface of Earth any longer due to atmospheric reactions caused by human consumption. It must be powered by a renewable fuel source/type, because like I said, the Snowpiercer isn't pulling over.

Daveed Diggs and Kwazi Thomas are among the impoverished stowaways on the Snowpiercer's 1001 car runaway train of humanity. Each car is trailed by another and ends at the 1001st car that is packed wall-to-wall, ceiling to floor with stowaways. The Snowpiercer was not ever imagined to have a poorer population car. The lower income citizens stormed their way onto the train as it left the last dock of stationary civilization; leaving all others not on board to freeze to death in more than negative 100 degree celsius weather. The outside conditions are brutally frozen, but not as rigid as the treatment of civilians in the last box car of the Snowpiercer. They are called "Tailies", because they are in the tailing car of the beast and because they are there illegally; storming a car yields no ticket stubs.

We are currently on episode 2 of the series, but before the series was born, there was a film about it in 2013. Did you see it? This would have been back when movie theaters were all good in every hood - today, that is not the case which makes the concept of the Snowpiercer look more real. It was only after Earth's atmospheric conditions started leaning towards uninhabitable that the Snowpiercer was born. Based on the fictional time card, where might our current society status quo located? Hopefully nowhere near the icy trenches that encompass the Snowpiercer. Peep both the series and the film trailer below:

2020 TNT Broadcast

The series is being called a "steampunk Law & Order" by The Guardian, and I concur.


The film received a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, 7.1 stars out of 10 on IMDB and 83% of Google users enjoyed it, as well.

User ratings for the series are a good indicator of audience like-ability. What do I think personally after watching two episodes of the series? I think that The Guardian review is spot on. The storyline inside of the Snowpiercer is framed around an outbreak of murders that trail body parts of the victims throughout the cabins. At one point, you might wonder if a cannibal is on board - I certainly am. I am also starting to put together that this series is about dismemberment or at least about many pieces equalling a whole because besides the "murder mystery" being framed around body parts being found on the train, the train security protocol for tailies getting out of line is limb dismemberment, by tying off the the member with a huge bolt-type device that the arm/leg slides through and putting a nitros oxide liquid on the body part and then sticking it out of a port hole of the train car until the body part is frozen stiff. Security then retreats the arm/leg from the port hole and then smashes it with a sledge hammer in a public event with the hopes of scaring others talies (lower class citizens) to not provoke authority ire for any reason (out of necessity or otherwise).

Again, if you like the foundations of the Titanic, you'll be able to board this fictional adventure with no problem. Perhaps you aren't a Titanic Fan, but love the Law & Order franchise? Then, you'll likely find a spectators seat on the SNOWPIERCER to be quite captivating and even quasi-accommodating. If nothing else, the series makes me take a more serious look at the environmental conditions that science keeps warning us about. I'll be honest with you, the series is interesting by far, but this is no way to live or even frame up life for our legacy. Humanity can not grow nor rightfully thrive inside of a limited space of 1001 box cars. It's a bleak view. Sometimes we need to see bleak to cause us to shriek from our wasteful ways to be more thankful for all that we have today. So, yeah... tune in to SNOWPIERCER and ice-off wastefulness and insert mindfulness in its place. It will go a long way on keeping our futures off of a preverbal track of peril.

SNOWPIERCER reigns primetime on Sundays @ TNT.

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