THE UNDOING Drama as explained by HBO is “a limited series that focuses on Nicole Kidman’s Grace Fraser, a successful therapist, and her devoted husband, Jonathan (Hugh Grant), and their young son who attends an elite private school in New York City. A chasm opens in Grace's seemingly perfect life: a violent death, a missing spouse, and a chain of terrible revelations.”

Sounds delicious enough, wouldn’t you say? So, I took the bait and I settled in to see “what it do.” After all it this short series was born to be undone. But why and how?

Grace and Jonathon Fraser are in a pickle that they would very much like to keep their middle school-aged son, Henry in the dark about. Though I must admit to you early on in this “whodunnit,” that I have my eyes on Henry. I hope that I am wrong. I like surprises at the end of series’ that don’t go too long.

Grace is a Therapist and Johnathan is an Oncology Doctor, both have careers that require science and as much precision as humanly possible. Can you imagine that you were given the wrong advice in therapy in a dire situation or receive the wrong medicine from your trusted physician? We all could, but we pray that is not ever the case. Now stand in that same position and be the authority but doling out bad advice or medicine. Is it knowingly or unknowingly? Will the charge of the death of a woman that Grace sat on the school board with and Johnathan knew in a professional + illicit capacity be their individual or collective undoing?

Something is unraveling in this suspenseful drama. Donald Southerland plays Grace’s rich in history, tradition, and dollars father. Let’s put him on the “whodunnit list.” Why? Did I mention that he is rich, steeped in tradition and dollars? Why not him. If there is anyone in this family that can afford a close-to-airtight alibi, it would be Grace’s father, Frank Reinhardt. That’s a very befitting last name. During The Undoing series, I get the distinct impression that Frank reigns over much and very hard, at that.

As easy as it is to see the most financially stable family member as the culprit, I promise you that I still have my eye on the kid. Henry is a middle school intellectual and the sole offspring of two good-heads (Science degreed professionals). He’s the least expected suspect in the family circle. That fact rests eerily with me.

What’s been done that threatens to undo the family? Elena Alves's demise is the issue. Besides being a mother to a newborn and a middle school-aged, oncology patient son named Miguel, she is Fernando Alves’ wife. Midway through the series, we learn that her newborn child is fathered by Grace’s hubby, Johnathan. Medical appointments provided the cover to procreate.

The rub seems to be that Grace was completely in the dark about this where it is implied that Fernando, (Elena’s hubby) has a clue that the newborn baby girl.

What happened to Elena? After not coming home for a couple of days in a row, her son, Miguel questions his father about where his mother is and Fernando repeatedly responds, “At her studio.” Elena is an artist (canvas painter). Instead of going to school one day, Miguel leaves his home for the school bus and passes it up to go to his mother’s studio instead. Unfortunately, Miguel found her body sprawled out on the floor lifeless and her face was smashed like a cupcake that someone sat a full can of soda on; horrible visual. [PRODUCTION KUDOS: The series’ Art Design and Make-Up Departments yielded a 100% realistic view).

There are only 6 episodes in this limited series and once again, HBO has delivered us mini-series gold. Another “whodunnit,” like BIG LITTLE LIES. Big Little Lies was originally slated to be a one-season mini-series but it was such a phenomenal success that viewers begged for another season and we were granted it. Woo! Viewership has "pull" and that ain’t no bull. Unfortunately, I don’t think The Undoing is up for debate. it is slated to be a mini-series and so far, there’s no word of another season coming.

Who needs one more season? Elena isn’t getting one. Still, there’s the matter at hand of who killed Elena? All sleuth-skills need to be on deck if you are watching this show. Do not attempt to guess at the outcome without watching the mini-series, because your answer could result in your sleuth-capacity undoing.