I felt lost at first but then once I became familiar with the ladies, I realized that this series is about a lot more than "just a few days at the beach."

With the exception of Fatina (portrayed by Sophia Taylor), Nora (portrayed by Helena Howard), Rachel (portrayed by Reign Edwards), and Leah (portrayed by Sarah Pidgeon) the entire cast of cast-aways was hired from Australia. How cool is that?

I am not ashamed to say that I watched the entirety of the series episodes in 2-days. It was hard to not watch all 10 episodes in one sitting so I leaned-on self-discipline and stretched it out over 48-hours. I couldn't imagine being fed only one episode per week. I'd be a Virgo of worry had I been forced to consume 1 episode every 7-days. That's just how good the writing is.

Unbeknownst to the clan of femme teens, they are lab-rats in an experiment being conducted by a woman named Gretchen (portrayed by Rachel Griffiths) and her team of Tech and Social Scientists. Whatever Gretchen's end-game is supposed to be, I think it has gone off course. She has outfitted an entire island with hidden cameras and staged an airplane crash that would render 8 young ladies waking to consciousness in the middle of the ocean surrounded by airplane wreckage.

The series has a kind of SLIVER feel but with more anxiety and emotion. In Sliver Sharon Stone's character was constantly being surveilled in the apartment where she lived by the building supervisor, played by a young William Baldwin. The view was salacious and encroaching. The Wild's series script makes an outdoor deviation that's reminiscent of t