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The Work of GOOD OMENS

A good omen (sign) in any situation is when something good happens. Right? Well, AMAZON Prime’s original dark comedy series GOOD OMENS has handily contributed to six episodes worth of “something good.” Season 1 presents the viewer with a situation: “the birth of the anti-Christ.” The mini-series storyline focuses on the manifestation of the child’s powers, which are accessible to him on his 12th birthday. Realizing his powers will allow Adam (young anti-Christ is portrayed by Sam Taylor Buck) to initiate the apocalypse.

Michael Sheen plays the good Angel, Aziraphale and Demon Crowley played by David Tennant, (former Dr. Who 2005-2010) - they are the team working to prolong mankind’s reign on earth. Their mutually benefited plan is to sabotage the life of the adolescent anti-Christ. Crowley reasons are simple, he’s been enjoying life on Earth for thousands of years and he’s not ready to call it quits. Aziraphale’s reasons for hurdling the book of Revelations is because he has a soft spot for mankind. God is fond of them and Angel Aziraphale’s heart is like God’s at the inception of humanity. Aziraphale loves mankind and thinks that they just need more time to figure out life, love and unity. The two entities have their absolute orders to facilitate the end, but instead they create a truce to not follow through and then they both committed to derail the apocalypse as long as possible.

But how could that be possible? If God’s will is to be done, how could anything stand in the way of what Revelation has inked? Neil Gaitman’s creativity is out of this world and this fantastic mini-series is proof. Who knows where a storyline like Good Omens can go? Will Aziraphale and Crowley failed at “foiling the end of the world?” I certainly hope not.

Season one concluded with everything up in the air and the Good Omen team threatening a split. Reasons would include confusion and distrust; the usual communication issues that plague Earth. Surely, you’ve had issues with confusion and distrust before during this life. Thing is --whenever you feel confused or distrustful… this is when fight or flight shows up. Season one ended on a note of fight and then flight.

So, will there be a season two? Yes! has secured word of a season two coming our way, they also noted that the production team Amazon Video and BBC Two will start the filming after the pandemic conditions are more controllable.

Peculiar thing is – within this series, a pandemic is cited as being a sign that mankind is on the road to apocalypse. I pray that art not imitate life on this one and Covid19 is a bump in the road like E-coli has proved to be. Riding the objective coattails of the Good Omens, I’ll call it: ‘Covid19 will not end mankind. Afterall, Earth is fun, and mankind is precious to God. Right?

If you are a betting person or a praying one - put in a prayer for Good Omens. The angel and demon’s mutual interests are fun to watch. They infer thoughts of the viewer that parallel love and unity, but to what wisdom?

Stay tuned for season 2.

PS: Mini-series' are meant to be just that, a program that tells a story in a predetermined, limited number of episodes. I hope that like BIG LITTLE LIES, a second season of Good Omens will be a little piece heaven. The good stuff always does come in mini-series format. If you’re currently on the fence about this series, get off of the fence and onto AMAZON Prime and binge season one. The angelic me, will meet you there at season 2.

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