TIK TOK presents a window of TALENT and Accepted VOYEURISM

Get on your device, get ready, get set and go watch! Watch what?

Your neighbors, of course.

I remember when I first started being public on social media (at least a decade ago) and everyone warned me of how "risky" my behavior was; in that, I was allowing total strangers to view me online. With the exception of a YOUTUBE user following me, taking a snapshot of me from my video, having a pillow made with the picture on it and then making a video of himself hunching (making out with) the pillow and publishing it on YouTube --- I'm going to have to say my social media experiences have been pretty rad.

I won't even began to bore you with my past BlackPlanet.com, MySpace.com or Zude.com accounts that have all fallen to the way side. Instead, I will turn your attentions to what has taken its place among mass attention spans; I'm talking about TIK TOK. Are you into it? Do you do it? Me? I'm into, but I can't quite say I'm "doing it." I suppose you could consider me a voyeur. I'm a little shy to admit it, but I'm a watcher. I am, however, proud to mention that I learn from watching. I learn boatloads! I know that all TIK TOK contributors are not entertainers, but then again, many of them absolutely are.

TIK TOK reminds us that "there's definitely more to see!" The developers built one window that we can all perform in front of or we can just sit and spectate. Tik Tok's popularity is invictus and many unknown stars are finding their light; they download the app and pull the blinds up to show us what we've been missing.

Young T & Bugsey are a rap duo from the UK. Their single, "Don't Rush" is a hit on Tik Tok as well as in Dallas, TX; which where I first heard of it. The song has a kind-of Rap/Dancehall/African flavor. The song isn't new. In fact it dropped in November of 2019, though it wasn't until a "Don't Rush - Challenge" appeared on Tik Tok that their status quo took off and landed on the shores of the United States. One challenge submission lead to me watching another and another - in the end I realized that I'm quite the voyeur. I've discovered some great music to jam to and am following some pretty amazing talents that I otherwise would have not ever laid eyes on.

How different is Tik Tok from MySpace? MySpace was obviously before it's time. Social media reigns in app usage. A few Tik Tok users have given me good reviews on the app, with the exception of it's rules policy -- which is basically censorship. Word among Tik Tok users seems to be that if you say anything negative about China in your raps, songs, or commentaries, they will remove your content or place you on app probation. I suppose it makes sense. Free speech is an American thing. The hospitality rules of Tik Tok are not American. They created a platform for you to produce on, they own your productions and you better not say anything negative about it.

It's only a matter of time before we all realize that we are all performers on social media. If you are able to see others on your devices, your device probably has a camera on it. If it does have a camera on it, chances are high that you are not only being watched but you are being listened to as well. Information like this is tucked away tightly in the USER AGREEMENT contract.

In a very short time (maybe 2 months) I have met some incredible artists on Tik Tok. I comment and network, still I prefer to watch and not be watched. I will never forget the era when it was considered risque to let strangers have access to your camera and watch you all day. Do you remember that film SLITHER starring William Baldwin and Sharon Stone?

Perhaps my age showing, all the same, I opt to use masking tape on the camera lens of my devices because morning time is no time for me to be Tik Tok'ing or visual broadcast rocking. Beyonce and I wake up differently; though after 12 noon, my face is pitched perfect.

What time is it in your life? Are you watching or being watched? Do you Tik Tok?