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UPLOAD is Thought Provoking to the SOUL

Have you seen the AMAZON PRIME series with the after plot gleam? It has multiple post-life options - depending on what you can afford.

What will it be for you: heaven or hell? If you are of the middle class or poverty level, in the series UPLOAD it is possible that your afterlife experience could be hell or at best uncertain. Hell is not a place specifically reserved for the middle class or the impoverished but if living in America today is any indication of levels of heaven, many citizens may be in a lot of trouble as unemployment soars across the country during COVID19. Thank God that Amazon's new Prime series is 100% fiction and fantasy, though its content are so fresh that they're defibrillating.

The script composition is unbelievably thoughtful and the bonus points go to it's lighthearted approach to an otherwise heavy situation. Upload is an imaginative look at if death could be avoided for a price. If it were a commodity like life insurance would people trade in their spiritual policies for a black and white contract? Perhaps as many would as would not. Still that would be a trending step in the direction of virtual soul upload and away from our current understanding of death, as well as heaven and hell . Your comfortability depends on what's in your wallet? It's easy to play this scenario for cheap laughs - and sure, there are some - but Upload goes further, exploring relationships, ethical boundaries, and most of all, the blind spots in the mirror (that we hold up to ourselves).

In the United States, we have long believed and have even printed the phrase, "In God We Trust," on our money so, -- does the concept of UPLOAD upend that? In a couple of episodes the protagonist, NORA has a similar conversation with her father, DAVE. She is a career representative at a leading 'upload facility. Nora is a young woman who was raised traditionally. Understanding that after death your soul is judged by God to enter heaven or hell. Career benefits allow her to purchase an UPLOAD Insurance Plan for her and her immediate family members. Her father is reluctant to obtain a death contract because his wife/daughters mother died several years prior with no upload death contract. Her father wants to arrive at "the same heaven" that his wife is in.

The series has more range than I expected to see in a Sci Fi/Fantasy, and while it's mostly a cheerful composition, it is rich with moments of suspense, disappointment, and even (real) death. It reveals itself in stages via average, two-dimensional characters facing beyond life situations that requires them to display depth. It's like watching popcorn, wondering when the next kernel is going to blow; always surprised by which one it turns out to be.

Popcorn is a great analogy to use with UPLOAD, because you'll likely eat a ton of it if you decide to binge watch the series like I did. I saw it all inside of a 5-days. One episode after another; pop-pop-pop!

Once season 1 binged, I began to download my assessment; I am not disappointed at all. I am, however, bubbling over with episodic inference. The writer in me is attuned to the writers hand. I am pleased to say I was not able to "call his moves before they played out on the screen." I was captivated by curiosity and the series did not let me down. With the popcorn machine still churning out popped kernels its undeniable that this series is giving us life! It has great bones. I sit baited, waiting for season 2. Way to go Amazon!

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