Warrior Nun - Bar None

Have you seen the series that has convents grinning?

It's about a war and "the halo" is winning.

A Netflix series that is firmly at its beginning.

NETFLIX wants your attention and your prayers so they've released the WARRIOR NUN on us. Have you seen her? If so, I hope that you saw her in a parallel view vs. one of opposition, because Ava is not playing around. Ava is the protagonist, the lead character played by Alba Baptista of Portugal, but she is not your Avo's sister. Ava is the Warrior Nun and she wields mean hand-to-hand combat skills and/or a sword. Though the sword is not as powerful as the energy that Ava encompasses about her, due to a halo artifact that is implanted into her back. There's an entire story behind WHY there's a halo in this young woman's back, but for "the skinny details" the halo was inserted into Ava's back in a ditch effort to hide it from evil that was in route to seize it. An even more interesting note is, the halo was implanted into Ava after she died. It was meant to be a temporary hiding place, but the surgeon who put it into her back was killed shortly thereafter and the halo's divine power revived Ava with life and new purpose.

Ava was a quadriplegic before she died, and yes - there's backstory for that too. You've got to watch this series! Ava's age is about 17-20 years old, her green wisdom and beliefs are in tow. Her green wisdom and lack of faith are strong hurdles. If she believes she easily achieves, but when she is in doubt... well, she starts to look more like a dude named Thomas. Seriously, no weapon formed can harm her, unless it is armed with Divinium. Divinium is a supernatural power source that is also manifested within the halo and is used for the good of Ava's fight against opposition.

Initially, Ava wasn't a nun and Shotgun Mary is absolutely not a nun, but she is a cornrow wearing bad-arse Black chick with a 2-fer shotgun kick who loves the Lord and is down to fight the good fight. That's right -- Mary carries not one, but 2 shot guns inside of her long black coat. She is not the soldier your Grandmother used to sing about, Mary is a millennial; short on patience and very proactive.

This series is set in today's time though most of the scenes take place at the site of a few Catholic Parishes, (think The New Pope) but far more modest. The Warrior Nun & crew travel often and occupy sanctuary residence among the townspeople. The accommodations are hardly without fee; evil lurks around all that is good just waiting for a chance to pounce on & possess. The God squad ladies are the perfect guests to have in residence. Most sanctuaries welcome them with open arms. Though should there be a parish that doesn't... well, that's a pew that you want to keep an eye on.

Cardinal sins are often committed on sacred ground...

It's good to have a Warrior and/or a Nun around.

Characters L-R: Beatrice, Ava and Shotgun Mary

The parishes may be impoverished but the black Mercedes van that transports them to and from is pretty spiffy. God's children should absolutely ride in style; nun or not. The Warrior Nun and her squad bar none and are exactly the type of crew that you'd want in your Sunday School class, in the sanctuary, on the school yard, on the job and especially in your home.

Take a peek at The Warrior Nun -- if you haven't already and find renewed reasons to have faith; if only to up your defense capacity, because the fight scenes go hard!

Beatrice got this.