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We Love PLK

Porsha Williams sacrifices RHOA comfort for Martin Luther King digs.

Pretty Porsha is more than a bright smile, wide-eyed businesswoman, coke-bottle shaped mom, reality show host, and radio personality, she is a civil rights activist with a rap sheet. She's been following directly in her grandfather's footsteps. Meet Hosea Williams:

Hosea Williams's genes are strong. He was arrested while marching for Civil Rights with Dr. Martin Luther King in the 1960's; today his genes are supporting Breonna Taylor via Pilar's mother, Porsha Williams. Pilar is the beautiful daughter of Porsha & Dennis McKinley; she has inherited her mother's beauty, her father's nose, and hopefully a piece of her grandfather's spirit as well.

Leaders are a community necessity, and we love Porsha! She has earned the nickname, per her co-workers on DISH NATION as Porsha Luther King, per her activist deeds and purposeful rap-sheet.

Pilar has quite the family history to reckon with. Satellite news shared video clips of her mother in TN protesting, and her father, Dennis was present in doing the same. It's as if Hosea Williams' genes are enabling the proactive spirit in Dennis to rise and magnify exponentially over Pilar's life.

To be fair, the arrest popped off this past Summer, but in the same fairness, please know that Porsha Williams remains as hot as the hottest day on record in KY. Who dares to debate as much, especially as she rocks-out a strawberry-blonde mane touch? Porsha is hot; Dish Nation and RHOA are her spots. However, if you're looking to upgrade the quality of your tresses --- she's got you there, too. Glam Up:

The closing dish:

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