Wednesday’s Horseplay – AMERICAN GODS

The cast is emanation; the storyline yields an intoxicating release.

Any chance that you caught Season 2's episode:House On The Rock?

“Who knew Sex and Hump Day (Wednesday) would be considered Gods? "

At 5.5-minutes into the show, the cast took a carousel ride that delivered them into the mind of the man with the glass eye, Mr. Wednesday.  He told the tale of how American Gods worked their way into the hearts and minds of Americans and beyond. Gods in this series are Easter, Christmas, Sex, etc., also known as things, dates & events that people worship.  Each God is embodied as human representation.

Have you seen it and are you following? It’s all fantasy; creative swallowing

is what you will use to understand and enjoy this piece. The cast is emanation; the storyline yields an intoxicating release.

It’s something to comprehend and see, the Cinematography skill fills the TV.

The shoot-out scene at 55-minutes into the episode is the stuff of which griot tales are composed.

Great work, the set, the colors, the metaphoric grasp, and choke. The shoot-out rendered Shadow Moon into the sky and got Wednesday’s homegirl smoked.

Season 2, Episode 1 reaffirms my yearn for cinematography fun.

I’m shooting daily and learning much.

I could still use help with my lighting touch.

It’s not yet easy to create the perfect lighting plot. I won’t give up because I’m a persistent snot.

I’m putting in the work but cinematography is not my god. It is a skill that I am dating for reel; it’s a Science that I like a lot.

You could call it my new honey pot in which case you could call me Poo bear, I’m Qui enjoying the DP work on American Gods. The visuals are bold and can hold a stare. The subject matter is always creative batter and leaves the imagination little to spare.

Mr. Wednesday pulls them all in…