It's hard to find a good read that is both entertaining and useful in life, unless you like reading transcripts.

Personally, I like reading transcripts.

I have admitted this to no-one else; but you and furthermore, I like typing them up. Is that weird? My friends calls it "literal nerd activity." I put up little argument and he is rendered a church mouse. That's right readers are armed with words that most people are not. So I rarely have to argue long.

LINKED IN Learning has the best Transcripts.

Leverage the power of search to accomplish your business goals.”

David Booth is a marketing specialist and the narrating host of LinkedIn's SEO EXPERT course. The video course is about 4.5 hours long to watch. David's presence is professional and relative but I like to read. So I allowed the video to run, but first I printed out every chapter so that I could read along on hard copy. Reading is fundamental and I like to re-read on many occasions and for different reasons, so having a hard copy in a binder will work well for me. I am SEO dumb, and I thirst to know more. I've intentions to build new neuroplasticity.

The SEO 411.

Keywords and Content Optimization are crucial when you are building a sites SEO profile. Until I Linked In and read the transcript, I was clueless. I created and maintained an online entertainment magazine in 2004 that is still current and up until 2020 it had no SEO profile which means it had no digital footprint in the search engine world.

Keywords that identify each story's content is important. I have always believed in and used keywords for daily columns/articles but for each of my website's menu pages - I had none. To complicate SEO matters more I had no sufficient information on my ABOUT page either. I didn't know where to put it or that it needed to be in place.

Reading the SEO Expert transcript on Linked In learning was like reading a gripping novel. I cleared it in one day, but it took all day. I took breaks. I called friends and actually talked it out (the understanding that I was reaping). I couldn't put it down. The course is rewarding. All that remains is for me to text the SEO Expert test. Not because I want a gig as an SEO Expert, but because I need to bring my blog page up to date.

Don't limit your Reading Genres.

Most newspapers are headlining war and disease. I read to get smarter not live harder.”

I love books. I love newspapers. I love blogs and social pages alike. I am not, however, a fan of reading social media captions. That would include tweets and instagram captions. The world seems to hang onto them and even pretend to live-them-out. Social media is much like reality tv; it's not passionate and it's overdone.

Have you ever heard the saying, "You are what you read?"In real conversational context, I have not ever heard that - but it should be said. If all you read is pop culture headlines, then you will eventually be well versed in pop culture headlines. If you consume the pages of course transcripts, email's from people that love you and inspirational quotes -- you will reflect them in many ways. Not only will you be smarter, but you'll be more attractive and possibly even more entertaining because you have the capacity to broach many topics in a social setting. People love new information, not the news necessarily.

Get Inspired

Reading and heeding what you've read can be a game changer. Books are free at the library, and affordable in stores and at Amazon; invest in a few. Most importantly feed your brain and let it nourish your creativity, visit LinkedIn Learning or a MasterClass and stock up on good material. A party invite is coming soon. Be the talk of the town, by refraining from talking about the town. Ditch headlines for nourishing your mind. Diversify your incoming content. Viva La Reading!