What Television Has APP’ly Become

Raise your hand if you only watch LOCAL PROGRAMMING on tv. I can’t see one hand. Kind of makes me wonder if a hand is being raised anywhere inside of the USA. I rocked with DirecTV for years before moving to an area that couldn’t receive their signal due to mountains blocking its path. 3-years ago I resumed services with both DirecTV and AT&T during a sweet campaign that they were running where a sales concierge just approached my porch, rang the doorbell, talked me into coming back to AT&T (I left 8-years ago for Sprint, because of the unlimited data for my device plans). The salesman was suave and his product knowledge was smooth. Not only did I switch to AT&T but I upgraded my DirecTV device and the concierge sold me several devices that I didn’t even know I wanted: an iPad, a tablet, 2 new iPhone’s, 2 new Samsung’s and a 2 wireless dock charging stands to help broadcast the recovered view. My television is a smart tv that has mad-app-capacity already built in, but I never used it because I had DirecTV. That all changed in January.

January 15, I went all app. I have family members who moved in this direction at least a decade ago and never returned to local, cable, or satellite tv again, but I didn’t understand the process; it’s hard for me to stomach what I do not understand. So, I didn’t. However, over the 2019 Thanksgiving Holiday I spent time at my brothers home and their main source of tv was a YOUTUBE app.

“Stop it!” That’s what I said when my sister-in-law informed me on HOW TO watch television in her home. I was only there for a week and withinin a week I was app’ly sold.

This is what my television screen looks like when I turn it on in the morning:

From this page I access the app that encompasses the satellite/cable station that I am accustomed to tuning into. For me, that 1st app of the day is YOUTUBE TV. Who knew? I befriended YouTube first – as it existed long before Facebook and IG were born and here I am befriending at another point of firsts. I love firsts, so I usually start my day sipping a little morning jo while taking in world news via various broadcast stations including the BBC channel and ESPN to catch up on what happened while I was asleep. ESPN was just as good as any news station when sports were actively in season. Right now, I find the morning topics to be awkward. No game happened, no athlete spoke on anything and no one is on social media heralding or tearing it down, there are no debates on politics effecting sports at this time at all. COVID19 talk is holding mass attention and ESPN is charged with moving the ball of conversation forward and towards the future; the future of sports, and I like the future, so I still check in.

Television is still in style, but the older way of receiving it is fading out. I suppose that’s what progress is all about. Smart TV and Apps rule the day. Even local broadcast network channels either have their own app or included in the composition of many others like YouTube TV. So what are you watching and is it APP’ly broadcast? What’s your story for indulging in broadcast options? I’d love to hear it.