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Wisdom to Build Upon

There's a quote by John Singleton that I like very much:

When you try to make it [films] homogenized when you try to make it appeal to everybody, then you don’t have anything special,”


Wisdom to Build Upon, indeed. So many times we build projects with unique and creative intent until we receive outside criticism that sends us back to the drawing board to satisfy the critic(s).

Seeing a Tom Cruise movie never gets old. Even if the film is dated by a decade, the excitement, action, and good looks of Tom Cruise don't change. Not even if Brad Pitt won an Oscar the previous year, Tom Cruise nor his genre changes. I could name several different actors to prove the point that your concentrated style is key to your brand.

Let's say that "everyone loves your style," how does this make you stand out?

Constructive criticism is just that; a word towards improving your already great composition. Destructive criticism is the opposite and has caused many to homogenize their work.

Everyone does not have to agree with you, your work, or your style for you to craft a respectable brand with the tools that you encompass. Let's say that "everyone loves your style," how does this make your brand stand out?

Leaders brand. Lead the way in individualism, break away from the crowd, and showcase yourself. Believe it or not, but someone in the world is waiting for you to do it; they are waiting in the wings to support you. You've been in their shoes before; in need of a product or service and overjoyed when you located it. Be there for your fellow man. Brand up, create and don't worry about the critics. They validate your uniqueness.

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