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You Heard Them

When big history is made, Griot lines do slay.

This is what a magazine in our network recently had to say:

Women’s Rights were put on the ballot last month and Kansas said, Get your ballsy mind off of my womb,” and voted NO, instead.

Conservatism is no united division and has a much more purposeful sum. To every Conservative soul who voted “NO,” Big Ups to you and much love.

The majority of the country thanks you for showing up. Let this be insight into life and Supreme Justices be cut.

Perhaps it is time to revisit their terms.

Let Karma be theirs and tenure be burnt.

What goes around comes around, and bad legislatures must sit down.

Period. The citizens of this land won’t vote for weariness.

We will recognize bad dealings and call them out as spec; like the Republicans who voted down health care benefits for Vets.

Americans will not forget.

The good news is, before Tuesday night did end

Vets got their benefits; a grateful, minutus wind.

Yesterday was a big day and today will be bigger still, I’m Qui Cresting this hump with thee, praying today will yield us some “chill.”

Let’s pause to thank God for guidance


Reference: QuiWHO

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