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Howdy Friend. Welcome to the Public Hitchin' Post! Enjoy the strength of the columns and use the literary-rope to reign-in a more positive hue as it pertains to the entertainment industry and its capacity view. 

Surely you have read about...


The Reel CTW

Christopher T. Wood


This man is brilliant, and his mind is reeled-out in shorts. Please tell me that you know of Christopher T. Wood and that you have seen his short film, "TIME TO KILL?

The writer and star of the show are one-in-the-same, Wood portrays a stone-cold killer named Harris, who has been sent to a home to kill a target. The problem is the target is not home and Harris is tasked with killing time - which includes some very juxtapositional phone conversations about intimacy and sensitive emotions. The script co-writers Scott Frank and Justin Rettke may not be seen in the viewable frame, but are co-credited for the composition of this hilarious concoction.

"Time to Kill" was produced in 2018, so I caught up with Wood recently on social media, we were just about to take our conversation to Zoom when he dropped this on me:

The horror of such! LEAVE MEETING is like conversational catfish on Rebecca delivered by Karen and Carl. Brilliant concept, and it's certainly an effective method to catch a two-faced liar. Wood is credited with Writing and Directing this piece. Independent film production often requires the creator to wear many hats. Wood is striking capacity-poses with his credits.


Film producing is no easy task. The standard logic is, 'if you want to make a 20-million dollar picture, first make a 2-thousand dollar picture as proof. Wood is giving us proof. He did not star in this feature but is credited with Writing and Producing LEAVE MEETING.


The thing that I like about short films is being able to see the potential in a script, whether or not it should be born out into a longer form. Inference comes easy to the literal gifted. I think Woods is quite a gifted literal and that he's got reel moxie.

"The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor, and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him, he is always doing both."

-- Lawrence Pearsall Jacks.


I recognize Wood to be building upon his element of craft, and to him it likely it is not hard work at all; he's a "reel natural." These two films are not the extent of his work, do yourself a favor - check out his VIMEO and YOUTUBE channel to enjoy more of his capacity. I am sure there will be more creative works coming from CTW that we will talk about, so, please stay tuned.


Mid-Week Patronize

Mic Check 1-2, 1-2

[Click here to hear] — Are you right-handed?  Are you using the right hemisphere of your brain? Does the right shoe follow the left? Is it right to co-wash your mane?

I write it all and you’re right in

most of life’s frames. Also, the left-handed use the right hemisphere of the brain.

The right-handed pen with no ink-drag — and to co-wash when you’re in a tight spot isn’t half bad.


That’s just how I feel about it. I do love the feel of rushing water in my hair.  I voice my views through words and reviews; my consumer reflections are fair.

To the left-brain hemisphere thinker: I hold my pen just like you and lean to the right when I drive. I’m partial with which hand I write, I live in the light and embrace the truth to course-correct vibe.

Which is often enough. I don’t mind being wrong because I like learning new stuff.

I like kisses and hugs, but mostly from babies. I love kicking it with the boys and I miss hanging with the ladies.

So, I write it. For the future that we know’est not, I’m excited!

Aren’t you? It’s not too late for love to pull us through.

I mean that with all of my life force, because it is true. There is a brighter future for me and you.

Work for it. It’s nothing that any of us are “due.”  For too many years we’ve maintained a  “covert groove.”

It’s not right to carry-on covertly; say what you mean. If you’ve got the will to do better and heal –kick “shame” off of the team. 

If “doing better” is within your reach – do heed it. Kick an old habit to the curb, you don’t need it.


You’re right to do what’s better; always do better for you.

What’s wrong is not respecting yourself or your neighbor’s p.o. view.

You’re right in your birthright, your stories, and collected wisdom.

I comprehend I write,  I push to better life, like Shirley Chisholm.

History will be inked today to stand strong tomorrow. Let us ink something wonderful to overshadow recent sorrow.

Let us love ourselves and our fellow man. Let us unite genuinely and heal this land.

It’s a win-win either way.

To live mindfully is called a Winsday.

Hump it.



Laughter is crucial.

"Welcome to GOOD BURGER; home of the good burger. May I take your order?"


Not another burger joint, but another Kenan talented joint, for sure. Kenan Thompson traded in Nick at Night for Saturday Night Live and renewed an entire community's interest in the show. His consistent labor has earned him the sweetheart spot in the world of new series. Word is, THE KENAN SHOW is in production, yo! And boy are we a society hungry for a smile.


Saturday Night Live is the broadest route of the comedian greats like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. Speaking of greats, Chris Rock is slated to be the Director of the new series as well. It makes sense; the funny direct the funny. Right? I hope so because Chris Rock's capacity is phenomenal. He capacitates funny, serious, and sinister (FARGO Season 4) in a series of breaths; like it's nothing, or at the very least autonomous. slates the new sitcom as a Comedy at a time when we could all use it. Covid19 has forced many of us to stay indoors, away from the gym, and delivered us to consuming many burgers; good, bad, and even some that were made in a plant-based lab. It's good to know laughter is next on the menu. Excitement is brimming over for a fun way to burn calories; the environment is perfect for Kenan.


The shows concept premise according to is:


"A recently-widowed dad tries to raise his kids with his persistent father-in-law."


Hm. The premise sounds serious and is a relative starting point to build comedy on. Were you aware that the flip side of comedy is a tragedy? Just as the opposite of cry is to laugh.

So it's no wonder to me that the baseline of a comedy show would be a tragedy. My grandmother used to say, "We laugh to keep from crying." Based on my grandma, (and for the record, she never lied to me), The Kenan Show is necessary.


As Covid19 continues to be a bridge that is crossing over thousands-upon-thousands of Americans and millions of our neighbors around the world, it is good that we have not lost our sense of purpose, humor. or the way to turn things around, starting with our perception. Bereavement is real, still, we all have to heal. Let's do it with a former Nick at Night burger-flipper with a contagious smile.

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