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January 2021


Rhyming Philosopher 


To be dug is the re-mix by Matt Turner [2009]; therein is incorporated 3 tracks of lyrical evidence.

Don't we just love stiletto's, Louboutin's, and The Boot, as in the state of Louisiana? The Boot is fashionable from season-to-season in heralding life-and-death reasons to jam. I love the beat of Louisiana and I love inhaling philosophy over beats. Are you familiar with Jay Electronica?


Born on September 19th, just 5-years and 2-months post-Louis Armstrong's homegoing, this Virgo reps the year 1976, during The Birth of Rap. He was molded in the capacity that he yields and produces today. Philosophical music is what I call it. It's sharp, it's witty, it's true; it's American History.


In the interest of leaving a good legacy Jay Electronica, whose real name is Timothy Elpadaro Thedford procreated with FatBellyBella also known as our beloved Erykah Badu and whose real name is Erykah Wright. When two super-beings collide they bang out MARS. Mars is the name of their beautiful daughter.

i-Contribution's aren't many with this Virgo Philosopher. Please believe FatBellyBella, the Pisces, is a very special woman. She is the perfect YeYo.



While Music App's are my jam, moreover, I am an avid NPR subscriber and it's clear that they, too are into Philosophical music. Believe it or not, but they jam Jay Electronica - hard. Especially as it pertains to EXHIBIT C. But you don't need to turn on the radio to peep Jay in his element. Allow me to pass this dutchie to you.


EXHIBIT JAY stays in Rotational Play:





EXHIBIT C is NPR's fave!

January 2021


An era check...

[Click here to hear] — Are you right-handed?  Are you using the right hemisphere of your brain? Does the right shoe follow the left? Is it right to co-wash your mane?

I write it all and you’re right in

most of life’s frames. Also, the left-handed use the right hemisphere of the brain.

The right-handed pen with no ink-drag — and to co-wash when you’re in a tight spot isn’t half bad.


That’s just how I feel about it. I do love the feel of rushing water in my hair.  I voice my views through words and reviews; my consumer reflections are fair.

To the left-brain hemisphere thinker: I hold my pen just like you and lean to the right when I drive. I’m partial with which hand I write, I live in the light and embrace the truth to course-correct vibe.

Which is often enough. I don’t mind being wrong because I like learning new stuff.

I like kisses and hugs, but mostly from babies. I love kicking it with the boys and I miss hanging with the ladies.

So, I write it. For the future that we know’est not, I’m excited!

Aren’t you? It’s not too late for love to pull us through.

I mean that with all of my life force, because it is true. There is a brighter future for me and you.

Work for it. It’s nothing that any of us are “due.”  For too many years we’ve maintained a  “covert groove.”

It’s not right to carry-on covertly; say what you mean. If you’ve got the will to do better and heal –kick “shame” off of the team. 

If “doing better” is within your reach – do heed it. Kick an old habit to the curb, you don’t need it.


You’re right to do what’s better; always do better for you.

What’s wrong is not respecting yourself or your neighbor’s p.o. view.

You’re right in your birthright, your stories, and collected wisdom.

I comprehend I write,  I push to better life, like Shirley Chisholm.

History will be inked today to stand strong tomorrow. Let us ink something wonderful to overshadow recent sorrow.

Let us love ourselves and our fellow man. Let us unite genuinely and heal this land.

It’s a win-win either way.

To live mindfully is called a Winsday.

Hump it.

January 2021


behind Dr. Jilll

So boldly some go "into the night of stupidity and chauvinism" in broad daylight.


Intelligence is at the table,

where is her plate? She is selfless with love, she uplifts our fate.

When emotionally piqued I, griot, instead of composing an essay. Conveying a story through rhyme is my work and my play. I can imagine that Dr. Jill Biden kind of feels the same way.


If you have not ever heard "Griot" in-progress -- welcome. Griot is an art and linguistic that I practice and have utilized since I was about 10-years old. You could say that I'm a bit of a master at it though I welcome debate. What is not up for debate is degrees of intellect as deemed by higher learning institutions.


Dr. Jill Biden is married to President-Elect Joe Biden and she has a Ph.D. in Education; she is equipped to heal the intellectually-deficient into bright & sufficient intellectuality. Further good news is the mirror before us shows us exactly who we are as a body of people and helps us to target our trouble areas. It's like working out, so Dr. Jill Biden please keep teaching. Our body needs it more than we knew. I love this country so much I'm willing to do a couple of reps; a few. Boom-boom! Let's bring knowledge back into the room.


Hill climbing isn't ever easy, just ask Hill C., but being respectful to a resourceful doctor requires no mystery. Uplifting intellect is key and most immediately free. Anything you want to learn is in a book, online, or in a library. Freelance learning is awesome and I love it, though a PhD deems one a master in their field. In light of Dr. Jill ahead of me, I'm excited to keep climbing this hill.

- Qui

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